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Garmin Lidar Lite v3 sensor characterization

The new Lidar Lite V3 sensor may be useful for height control of a quadcopter. We want to integrate one of this sensors into our new Asctec Firefly quadcopter for safe indoor flight. The first step of the integration is a

Potential Field Navigation: Obstacle definition in Python using a Gaussian Field

First let’s start with some basic assumptions.  We define a 2D environment of size x_max, y_max. We can easily represent this environment in Python as a Grid of size (x_max, y_max). The resolution of this Grid is not important for

Robotino Vrep scene with twist message controller (ROS)

The robotic platform Robotino is a nice omnidirectional Robot manufactured by the company Festo. It was surprising for me to find out that the Robot Simulator VREP doesn’t have a working model of this robot,  even though there exist an

Developing in ROS Indigo using QtCreator

The following is a guide on how to start using QtCreator in order to build projects in ROS Indigo (Ubuntu 14.04) with the new Catkin Tools. 1) Install Qt Creator: 2) Install the new Catkin Tools 3)  Create a catkin

National geographic wallpapers

I have modified a script that I found in the internet and now you can download all the National Geographic Wallpapers from 2008, 2009, 2010 and first half of 2011. Download this script: Then run in linux: sh